PTFE Fluoropolymer Tube 10mm OD 50 Meter’s

PTFE Fluoropolymer Tube 10mm OD 50 Meter’s


Fluoropolymers are known for their excellent performance in numerous critical applications.?- has excellent resistance to chemicals – is extremely stable up to 260 ? C (500 ? F) – has excellent dielectric properties – remains unaltered in contact with oxygen, ozone and UV rays – has the lowest coefficient of friction among all polymers – flame retardant UL94 V0

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PTFE Tube 10mm OD 50Mtr length,

PTFE Teflon® Tubing (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene, often described as Teflon® tubing) is a transparent, chemically inert and non-toxic material that features unmatched chemical resistance and a surface that really facilitates the flow. PTFE tubing is most widely used as laboratory tubing and for applications where chemical resistance and purity are essential. PTFE has a very low coefficient of friction and is one of the most “slippery” substances known. We offer a broad range of sizes which can be used with standard compression fittings.


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